Best Ab Workouts While You’re on the Road Keeping Your Abs Toned, Even if You’ve Only Got a Few Minutes

In Fitness by John Klaras

ab exercises on the go
All it takes is diligently and consistently setting aside 15 minutes of your day – morning or night – to hone in on your core.
Between business trips, family vacations and the always-anticipated quick weekend getaway, it’s not always simple to stick to a consistent workout routine. And while some regiments are more portable than others – running shoes are usually compact enough to fit into even the tiniest carry-on, and swim goggles and trunks count among the most minimalistic of accessories – it’s still challenging to block off the time to actually focus on your daily workouts while away from home.

Enter the on-the-go abdominal workout.

Aside from the personal space of your own hotel room, the following eight exercises don’t require complicated equipment or a personal trainer. All it takes is diligently and consistently setting aside 15 minutes of your day – morning or night – to hone in on your core. While predominately focused on your abs, you can customize the below routine depending on how much time and effort you want to devote to the sets.

If you still need a shot of extra motivation to get going, remember that even mini-workouts can help reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-confidence, and enhance your ability to make quick decisions. Oh, and before you pack your next carry-on, you might consider adding a pair of running or walking kicks. Evidently, scientists have confirmed that even a short but impactful routine can boost the production of a specific brain protein (BDNF), resulting in increased mental functioning. Pretty lucrative, especially if you can pack it in while still in your hotel room, and before that next critical meeting.

1. The Ab Wheel: Rolling Your Way to a Fit Stomach

If you can swing it, add a teensy bit of weight – just over a pound — to your suitcase and bring an ab wheel This little device works the core muscles in your lower torso, as well as the main stomach area.

Once you’re ready to begin, kneel on the floor and hold the wheel by the handles, positioned directly underneath your shoulders. Next, engage your abs and roll forward. Take it slowly, keep a slight forward bend in your waist, and don’t go past the point where you can’t roll yourself back up again. Repeat until you lose the ability to maintain good form.

2. The Plank Pose: Using Yoga to Shape and Strengthen Your Core

Whether you’re a die-hard yoga fan or not, this one pose carries impressive power: it helps give you rock-hard abs.

Unlike sit-ups or crunches, the plank pose is all about holding still – simple-sounding, yet challenging and immediately rewarding: if you’re able to hold the pose, you’ll definitely feel the burn in your abdominal region.

Think of this like a push-up, but instead of pushing up over and over again, you push up and then stay there in the “up” position. Hold it for 30-60 seconds to strengthen your abs and core.

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