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We are really liking this awesome list of the latest and greatest gear of 2016 that Men’s Journal has put together.  Seriously, there is something for everybody here.  At the very least, go have a look just to see how advanced everything is getting.

We’ve included a few of our favorites below:

Finally, WiFi That Works
A common headache of the data-fed world — a reliable, far-reaching network — is cured. This year’s most welcome trend is the emergence of smart WiFi systems. Most include a base unit and secondary extenders that pump high-speed internet into every nook and cranny of your home. Topping our short list of reliable options is Luma ($399;, with its friendly app that makes filtering and controlling your kid’s internet access a cinch. Eero ($499; was dead simple to set up and tripled the range of our old network in a matter of minutes.

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Green-Hitting Machines billionaire Bob Parsons had developed an expensive habit: shelling out $250,000 a year on his search for the perfect clubs. So he decided to make his own. The result: the PXG 0311 irons, which use thermoplastic elastomer, a synthetic rubber, inside a forged club head that allows for a much thinner face, adding ball speed and a giant sweet spot. Shots with these irons flew about 10-plus yards farther than with our current gamers, while their feel and response gave us the confidence of a tour pro — even though we don’t play like one. [$350 per iron;]

Speakers That Love Vinyl, Too
In search of the perfect setup for listening to records but don’t feel like pulling your space-hogging receiver out of the basement? The Klipsch R-15PMs are bookshelf speakers with a big sound and a killer feature: an onboard phono pre-amp, so they can be wired directly into nearly any turntable — without a receiver. [$499;]

The Walls Have Ears
Sorry, significant others, the voice we enjoyed chatting with most this year belonged to Alexa, the brain inside the Amazon Echo Dot. On top of serving up basic info (“Alexa, what’s the weather?”) and playing music, the always-attentive puck-size Dots can be placed around the house to control a growing list of smart-home devices. [$50;]

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The Garage Gets a Brain
This is the smart-home device you didn’t even know you needed: The Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener is an all-in-one entertainment, safety, power, and cooling system for your garage. It’s a quiet, smartphone-connected opener that has modular accessories like a fan, retractable extension cord, Bluetooth speaker, and laser parking-assist system. It’s so fun that we didn’t want to come inside. [From $250;]

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