Pokémon GO Here to Stay

It’s been quite a year for Pokémon GO. Recently named Google Play’s game of 2016, the mobile game has been on fire since it launched in July. Within a couple weeks of its debut, the game was bringing in an estimated $3 million a day.

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Can We Bend Like That? Yoga for Men

In a quest to stay healthy, fit — and dispel the myth that yoga is just for ladies — one man gives it a shot, and finds out that it’s both beneficial and rewarding. And more appealing than cramming into a crowded gym.

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ab exercises on the go

Best Ab Workouts While You’re on the Road Keeping Your Abs Toned, Even if You’ve Only Got a Few Minutes

Don’t let business travel impact your physique — easier said than done. Planes, trains and automobiles can quickly take their toll on a man’s body, especially if you throw in a few excessive meals and signature cocktails. To help you maintain your regimen and fitness goals, even while on the road, we’ve uncovered the best, and most portable, exercises to keep those abs in check.

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