Not a Morning Person? Tips and Tricks to Actually Have a Productive Morning

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Waking up early enough in the morning to eat breakfast, work out, shower, and plan your day can seem impossible. With long days and late nights filled with kids, work, school, etc., it is easy to hit the snooze button a couple of times.

However, waking up with the sun has some serious perks, so try out some of these tips to set yourself up for success!

  1. Don’t Oversleep on the Weekends

I know I know, Sunday is the day for sleeping in until ten in the morning and then watching Football all day, but sleeping in on just the weekends and getting up early the rest of the week can easily confuse your system. Even just shifting from a 6am to a 9am wakeup time on the weekend is the equivalent of switching from EST time to PST time and then back again – talk about jet lag!

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  1. Don’t Try Waking Up Early Cold Turkey

We get it – this stuff can actually be really difficult, so it’s important to ease into it. Try going to sleep 30-60 minutes earlier, and then setting your alarm the same amount of time earlier each day until you reach your goal wake-up time. Then try to establish a routine from there.

  1. Set Yourself Up for Success

We, as humans, are all prone to a little thing called “decision fatigue”, meaning we have a limited amount of willpower to make decisions. And let’s face it – the most annoying thing in the morning is trying to decide what to wear, what to eat, etc. So, to help convince you to wake up early, set out your clothes, have breakfast prepped, and your workout planned out. This way, you have very little to think about and decide in the morning.

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  1. Make Plans With People

“It’s easier to bail on yourself than a friend.” Working out is much more motivating when you do it with a friend, so find a workout buddy and make a work-out schedule with each other. (And don’t bail!)

  1. Be Mindful of Sleep Cycles

When we are sleeping, every 90 minutes we complete what is known as a sleep cycle where we go from light to deep and back to light sleep. Waking up in the middle of one of these cycles can cause a very groggy feeling, so try to plan your alarm to go off at either seven and a half hours or nine hours of sleep.

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